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Tent Care Tips

One of the great joys of camping is being away from it all and having the chance to sleep under the stars. That is, until you get rained on, eaten by mosquitoes, or frozen to death. But here’s where your camping best friend comes in – your tent!

Take a look at these tips on tents, and you’ll be comfy cozy on your next camping trip.

Estimate Your Camping Tent Size

Types of tents vary widely, as do their price tags. When selecting a tent for you and your family, think about what size you’ll need.

Know that manufacturers often overestimate the number of people who can comfortably fit in a tent, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

A lot of stores these days have tents on display, so crawl inside, have fun, and figure out which tent feels the best for you.

Practice Pitching the Camping Tent

Once you get it home, be sure to practice putting up the tent in your own yard, where you largely have control of all the variables, and instructions if you need them.

It’s not a bad idea, especially for younger kids, to do a practice run at home, so that everyone can get used to the feeling of hanging out in and sleeping in your new tent. Be sure you’re familiar with the features your tent may have, like windows, and retractable doors.

Prepare Old Tents for Trips

If you’ve got an old tent, it’s a good idea to set it up in the yard in order to air it out for a night before you actually hit the road.

Mold and mildew are not uncommon to find, which leads us to our next tent care tip.

Clean and Dry Tents Thoroughly After Use

When you’re ready to pack up, try to wait until any morning dew or dampness from rain, has evaporated.

Do your best to clear any dirt or leaves from the base of your tent, and be sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned everything out of the interior. Carefully pack your tent back in the exact way it came originally – in general, think in terms of wrapping the base of your tent around the support poles.

If your tent is still wet or dirty when you jet from your campsite, be sure to set it back up to air out and dry as soon as possible. Trust me, it will make your next trip about a thousand times more pleasant. Be sure also to always keep your tent a good distance from your campfire, and know that if you continue to take good care of your tent, it might even last you a lifetime.

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